Complete set for 89,00* incl. VAT

The oxygen meter can be sold for an affordable price because the electrode is designed and built by One Cue Systems using simple materials, and it is used in combination with a common multimeter for reading oxygen concentrations. So no expensive design meter and packing push up prices.

The oxygen electrode is supplied with cable and adjustment potentiometer in a plastic case with short manual, together with a multimeter, a bottle with 10 g of sodium sulphite and a drop bottle with 0,1 M KOH-solution.

* This price holds until 31 december 2011 for orders in Europe (World: 93,15)


Oxygen electrode for TI CBL2 and CoachLab for 114,00* incl. VAT

One Cue Systems has extended the oxygen electrode with an inbuilt amplifier that can be connected directly to one of the sensor ports of CoachLab of TI CBL2  using a BT-plug. The amplifier is powered via the BT-plug from CoachLab or CBL2. De output voltage is 1 V at 100% oxygen saturation in water or 21% oxygen in air and lies therefore within the reach of the 0-5 V input of these interfaces. Oxygen saturation percentages up to 350% can be measured.

All adjustments are set from the software. Therefore the electrode has no adjustment knobs.

The oxygen electrode with inbuilt amplifier is supplied  in a plastic instrument case with short manual, a bottle with 10 g of sodium sulphite, and a drop bottle with 0,1 M KOH-solution.

* until 31 december 2011 the electrode with inbuilt amplifier can be offered for 114,00  including VAT and shipment.


Ordering procedure

Products are shipped using Priority Mail. Delivery takes 2-6 days. You can order in two ways:

Prepayment on bank account, after which the meter is shipped.

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Using your credit card and the PayPal service. Disadvantage: extra costs.

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Warranty for production faults on the electrode is 3 years and on the meter 12 months, in which the materials are replaced free of charge. Defects as a result of injudicious use are not guaranteed. (See maintenance)